Hi Friends,

I’m Mar C. I am very happy you’re here and can’t wait to get to know you better. Here’s a little bit about me…

I married my best friend thirty one years ago in Tyler, Texas. Five years later we had a beautiful bouncing boy and ten years after that we were blessed with a precious baby girl. We raised them both in Oklahoma and with a ten year age difference between the two life was never boring. In those days Pokémon cards and pacifiers were precious items. Today our son lives in Florida, is married and has a beautiful bouncing boy of his own. That makes me a grandma!  Our daughter is a sophomore in high school, loves singing, acting and running. I feel scared, excited and sad all at once when I think about them growing up. An empty nest is in my not-too-distant future except for our sweet labrador, Gus and frisky puggle, Lucky.

For years I’ve been interested in working on home painting projects and furniture makeovers. Being creative and saving money are two of my favorite things to do! But in the past, for one reason (usually time) or another (usually energy), I always hired someone else for the job leaving my creativity lacking along with my wallet. But now that my children are older life is offering me new opportunities.

Recently we relocated from Oklahoma to Kansas City and moved into a home that needed some updating. Since I had not gone back to work and had fewer mom responsibilities I had plenty of time on my hands. Now was the time I’d been waiting for to become a bona fide do-it-yourselfer. There were so many projects I was dying to accomplish so I created a bucket list of sorts. I called it “My Paint Bucket List.” Then I got busy reading everything I could find regarding DIY. It’s wonderful that so many talented, creative people share their knowledge and skill through websites or blogs.  I read article after article. watched video after video and viewed a bazillion before and after photos. Pretty soon I felt confident enough to spread out the drop cloth, picked up a paint brush and get my paint groove on (with a little help from One Republic and Train.)

This blog was created to hopefully inspire other new blooming DIYers and save them time and money, too!

Make your own paint bucket list and let’s scratch off some projects together!

I’d love your company!

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